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Top 6 Sneaker Influencers in Australia

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In the last few years, sneakers have blown up. From a massive spike in growth of the community to the spread of the culture in mainstream media,

While there are plenty of rising influencers in the sneaker and streetwear space, the following six we mention below are those to take note of, as they are helping shape and share the culture in Australia. From designers, entrepreneurs and content creators, the following people are the top 6 sneaker influencers in Australia to start following today.

Mini Swoosh


With 133,000 followers on Instagram, this Australian female sneakerhead Alexandra Hackett — also known as Mini Swoosh— has garnered a lot of attention through her beautiful feed and love for the culture. Donning her love for Nike beyond all else, Hackett has been featured on Nike’s site in an episode of ‘What You Got’, where she breaks down the five most significant pairs of sneakers to her. Mini Swoosh is a streetwear designer that is helping spread the love of sneakers.

Monsieur Banana


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Monsieur Banana is another prominent female sneakerhead, with 35,500 followers on Instagram. Known for her signature mirror-reflected full-body shots, she wears the latest and hottest releases beautifully, sharing her love for the culture. Monsieur Banana also has a growing YouTube channel that houses 62,000 subscribers. Here, viewers can take a look at reviews, style tips and other fun videos that relate to the life of an avid sneakerhead.

Jay Tks


Although his personal page only has 1,779 followers on Instagram, Jay Mijares is a sneaker influencer well-known in the community. Director and Co-Founder to The Kickz Stand (which has 8.9k followers) and It’s More than Just Sneakers. He often displays photos on sneakers, streetwear, and other interesting collectibles. Besides having spoken at Sydney Retail Festival and being invited by the hottest regional events, Mijares contributes to the culture through insightful streetwear content.

Lucas Blackman


Lucas Blackman is a sneaker influencer with 24,900 followers on Instagram. Also known as the ‘Weird Shoe Guy,’ was featured on The Urban List and shared his story on how his love for sneakers. Collecting skate shoes at an early age, Blackman has been buying sneakers since he was in his teens, and proudly shows an array of footwear on his Instagram feed. With over 90 pairs of sneakers that he loves and wears, Blackman continues to inspire, inform and grow the community through his love of self-expression.

Andersont Giovanni


Andersont Giovanni, also known by his username andersontgvi is another sneaker influencer, with around 15,900 followers on Instagram. Mainly known for his street fashion photography, he shows and shares styling tips on the fashion of streetwear, displaying various hot sneaker releases on his feed as well. He also has a YouTube channel, where he shows more behind-the-scenes of his photoshoots.



Kixplore is a growing influencer, with about 2,595 followers on Instagram and about 2.5k subscribers on YouTube. As his name implies (a combination of ‘kicks’ and ‘explore’), the Melbourne-based sneakerhead goes around the country showing his love for his favourite kicks. While his Instagram feed mainly contains different style and sneaker shots, his YouTube channel is where he goes through each sneaker, reviewing and discussing them thoroughly.


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