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The Best Way to Shop Streetwear & Sneakers on Singles’ Day 2021

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Black Fridays and Cyber Monday are definitely big consumer holidays that everyone is well aware of. However, these numbers don’t hold weight to the number of purchases made on Singles’ Day, also known as 11/11, a global shopping bonanza.

Held each year on November 11, Singles’ Day was popularized by Tmall, a Chinese company that aimed to fill the gap in the calendar and use it as a day to celebrate young singles’ independence through an excuse of treating themselves. Yet now, years since its initial boom, the holiday has grown into a global phenomenon, where retailers provide discounts and so much more.

Novelship’s Double Rewards and Free Shipping/Delivery

As a way to celebrate Singles’ Day — a time marked by discounts and promotions — we at Novelship will celebrate the shopping festival by offering our users a slew of promotions and deals to capitalize on. For further details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

Double Rewards  (All Platforms, All Markets)

  1. From Thursday, 11/11 00:00 GMT+8 to Sunday 14/11 23:59 GMT+8. 
  2. Earn 2x Novelship loyalty points when you make a purchase during promo period. 
  3. For all markets, automatically added to account. 

Free Delivery and Free Shipping (All Platforms, Limited Markets) 

  1. From Thursday, 11/11 00:00 GMT+8 to Sunday 14/11 23:59 GMT+8. 
  2. For Free Delivery: Min. Purchase value is S/A/NZ$150, NT$3,000, RM450
  3. For Free Shipping: Min. Sale value S/A/NZ$150, RM450
  4. 0% Seller Fees for Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan from Thursday, 11/11 00:00 GMT+8 to Sunday 14/11 23:59 GMT+8. Min sales val. NT$3,000, Rp 1.500.000, JP¥ 12,500

Novelship’s Shopping Guide for Singles’ Day

On top of the double rewards and free shipping/delivery offer, we also want to help our community to find the best deals for sneakers you need to cop on Singles’ Day. Compiling some of the most popular sneakers and streetwear items under retail on our platform, we make it easier for you to shop this year’s Singles’ Day by putting together this shopping guide down below.


This collaboration between Clot and Nike comes to you in the form of the Nike Air Max 1 Kiss of Death. The sneaker comes with a design where the toe box comes in a see-through netted design. The tongue as well as the heel counter overlay come in a dark red color. The large midsole of the shoe comes in orange and features a transparent air bubble under the heel, and is covered by a light blue outsole. The back of the shoe features another design element in the form of a knotted orange design on top of the red heel counter overlay. The mix of subtle and bold colors on the shoe makes it quite a good-looking option.

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Large shoes are certainly trending when it comes to women’s fashion, and this Air Jordan 5 Retro Bluebird is a women’s shoe that would make the cut for one of the best-looking ones on the market. Coming in shades of blue all over the sneaker, the large sneaker comes with a light blue color all over the upper and features a mesh design on the sides near the midfoot as well. The tongue of the high-top sneaker comes in silver, nicely matching the light blue laces it sits under. As you go down the shoe, you see a white overlay under the heel with a darker shade of blue present in the midsole. The shark tooth design that is typical of the AJ5 design comes in white and is covered by a translucent blue outsole. An air bubble is also visible under the heel from the side, completing the look of the shoe.

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Tired of the usual reds, whites, and blacks that adorn your AJ1 designs? With a look that will certainly turn heads, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Patina comes in a classic high-top silhouette with a black, grey, and metallic brown color blocking. The upper of the shoe is made out of black leather, while detailing appears around the toe box, on both sides of the lace structure, and on the Nike Swooshes in a shiny, metallic brown color. Detailing on the ankle and on the bottom of the heel counter appears in grey. The lateral side of the ankle overlay features a black Air Jordan logo embossed in it, while a white midsole is covered by a black outsole. The mix of shiny leather and suede on the sneaker makes it a good choice to cop.

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This sneaker adds to the Halloween-themed sneakers around the world. The sneaker is a nod to the Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos, a celebration in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. The upper comes in majorly black color, with red appearing on the toe box and black appearing on the midfoot. Patterned leather overlays are present in black around the toe box and the lace structure of the shoe, while plain black overlays appear on the heel counter and the ankles. The laces and tongue match this color as well. The Nike Swoosh appears with design elements like feathers and arrows in colors like yellow, red, and blue, while the same colors also appear on the Air Jordan logo on the lateral side of the sneaker on the ankle overlay. Another color that appears on the shoe is white, appearing in the form of a shark tooth design on the red toe box. An off-white midsole sits above a red outsole, finishing the look of the sneaker. For sneakerheads who love flashy shoes with multiple colors and design elements, this is an excellent pick. 

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The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Clay is an earthy color-themed shoe. The upper of the shoe comes in a light brown, almost orange color blocking with a Primeknit construction. The laces on the shoe come in a similar color as well, along with a bright orange sock lining and heel collar. The midsole of the shoe is typical of the Yeezy brand and comes in a large design, sticking out from the sides as well as the back of the shoe. The sole comes in a translucent brown color, keeping up with the theme of the upper of the sneaker, with an orange outsole hugging the midsole. A strip of orange runs down the translucent upper of the sneaker, below which you can see an off-white design of the shoe which is built for maximum comfort and lightness.

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Off-White is known for its innovative yet simple designs, and this collaboration with Nike is the definition of simplicity being brilliance. The tee shirt comes in black color with short sleeves hanging down the sides, giving it the typical streetwear vibe. Nike’s contribution to the design comes in a slightly skewed Nike Swoosh near the left chest of the tee-shirt, coming in white. The ‘Spray Dot’ in the name pretty much sums up the remaining design on the tee-shirt, as large white dots adorn the front. These black spots have blurred outlines as if they are put on with a spray paint can, giving the tee-shirt its name. A round collar and high-quality materials used in the construction make this tee shirt a comfortable and fashionable streetwear item. 

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Coming in a dark green color, this long-sleeved top is a collaboration between Nike and Drake. Featuring design elements from both Nike and the bestselling rapper himself, it is a testament to Drake’s love for the game. The front of the apparel piece comes with a relatively simple design, with a small white Nike Swoosh sitting in the middle just below the collar. The real design elements come at the back, where the bottom of the collar features a large Nike Swoosh, the NOCTA logo below it, and a white shape with the word Golf written on it next to a golf ball. Design elements also appear in the form of branding on the sleeves. The NOCTA sub-label has now come out with a golf series which, apart from this crewneck, also features tee shirts and jackets.

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For a comfortable lounging experience, this pair of shorts from Fear Of God Essentials comes in a fleece construction, giving you a casual, warm look. The shorts come in a dark slate, almost black color, with drawstrings in the same color. The drawstrings are quite long and extend to below the length of the shorts, giving you an iconic look. In front of the shorts, just below the waist in the center, you see a white stitched label with the word ‘Essentials’ on it. Similarly, on the left leg of the shorts, you can see the Essentials and Fear of God logo just above the hem. Pockets are present on the shorts on both sides as well as one on the back right side for easy carrying of your essentials. 

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For lovers of the Fear of God brand who prefer a simple, laid-back look, this crewneck sweatshirt comes with long sleeves and simple branding. The grey, charcoal color of the sweatshirt is present throughout the design, except for the branding that appears in a darker grey, slate color. To give you a better off-the-shoulder fit, stitching is visible lower down the neck. The hem of the sweatshirt and sleeves also have visible external stitching on the bottom. The slate-colored branding appears on the chest in large capital letters in the form of just the word Essentials, while the sleeve features the whole Essentials Fear of God logo. The collar slightly stands off with a more solid color, while the inside of the sweatshirt features a white stitched label on the back of the neck with the branding as well. If you’re a fan of the brand and want a streetwear experience that gives you a simple, subtle, comfortable look, this item is definitely worth copping and is a perfect gift to get for the winter season.

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Oversized tee shirts have become synonymous with streetwear culture, and Off-white has been one of the leading brands in the space. With this piece, you get a large white tee shirt with an oversized torso and sleeves, and a plain design that puts comfort and simplicity over flash. The front of the tee shirt features absolutely nothing except a centered Off-white logo on the front in black. The real graphic designs appear on the back of the tee-shirt, where large arrows take up the entire back. Four arrows pointing in four diagonal directions take up most of the back, with another red bar on top. The “marker” aspect of the tee shirt is clearly visible on the back graphics, which look like they’re drawn on with a marker. These design elements make this tee shirt a popular streetwear classic.

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How brilliant would it be to have a standalone MPC with no computer required to run it? Slap the Supreme logo on it and you get a winning combination. Akai has collaborated with Supreme on their MPC II Live product, giving you the iconic MPC in red color. The control knobs on the right, as well as the one on the top, left come in black, as does the text on the buttons as well as the Akai logo on the top right of the MPC. Everything else on the device is a shade of red, and the Supreme logo sits on top of the device, spilling onto its right side. You get 16 full-size velocity-sensitive RGB pads, a 7-inch multi-touch display, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of onboard storage, MAC and PC software included with the products, and a powerful multicore system under this good-looking skin. This is a brilliant gift to buy for any music producer out there. 

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Stand apart from the crowd with this keychain that is brought to you by Off-white, a cheeky design that is quirky and funny in its own way. With a high-quality metal ring holding the design from the top, the simple structure of the keychain comes in a blue tag that is attached to the ring with a lug nut design. The entire tag is blue in color, and only features the word “KEYS” in quotes in white. Expert stitching is present around the lug nut attachment and on all four sides of the tag to give you the best experience. Make sure you never lose your keys again with Off-White keychain.

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For IPhone users, there’s no better way to suit it up than with this Off-white cover. Coming in a pure white color that would give your phone a sophisticated look, the cover is made of high-quality materials that will not only make your phone look good but will also give you protection against accidental impact. On the back of the cover, you see a beautiful tropical design with elements like plants and vases that have a crayon color theme to them. The typical Arrow design of four arrows under a bar appears in blue, while vases and plants appear in multiple colors like red, brown, green, and orange. If the arrow design wasn’t enough to give away the Off-white brand, the cover also features an Off-White™ logo on the bottom of the cover in red. For iPhone X users, this cover is a great way to give your phone that extra oomph. 

Shop Collectibles Under Retail


If you’re familiar with the work of Kaws, you will easily recognize this white teapot as his work. Coming in white color, the teapot features a handle on one side and a spout on the other, the teapot also features a white lid on top. The artist is known for his bunny designs with hands covering its faces, and the Kaws logo features across. Both these design elements appear on the teapot, with alternate crosses and gloved hands appearing all over the piece. If you want to serve tea to your guests in style, this teapot can be a great way to display some artistic expression. 

Shop Collectibles Under Retail

Daniel Arsham is an American contemporary artist. In this collaborative series with Selfridges, he imagines household items based on how they would look in the year 3019. This particular collaboration between the artist and Selfridges comes in the form of a broken crystal ball that would usually be used as an ornament for a Christmas decoration, making it a perfect gift to get at this time of the year. Since the year is 3019, the ball has eroded into what you can see. Made out of blue resin, the ball comes in a spherical shape with a large ridge at the bottom. The broken ornament is held together with a metal ring on a white stripe that features the word Snarkitecture on it. To make the render of this futuristic ornament more realistic, the top of the white string is tied together in an uneven knot. This piece of art from Daniel Arsham in his collaboration with Selfridges is a tribute to what he’s capable of imagining. 

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