Celebrate ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Merch Drop with Drake x Nike Collaborations

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To celebrate his upcoming new album Certified Lover Boy,’ Drake brings in Nike for another new merch collaboration.

According to sources, this drop is only the first of many to come as part of the ongoing Drake x Nike partnership. It’s only a matter of time until we begin to see more of the rapper  in the streetwear and sneaker space.

Certified Lover Boy Merch

Teasing the release of the merch for ‘Certified Lover Boy’ in August, the hot collaboration between Drake and Nike has finally launched for all avid fans. With a set of apparel that can be worn for years to come, the Certified Lover Boy merch comes with a bomber jacket released in pink and black colourway, a set of socks that have the name of the upcoming album printed on it, a few graphic tees, hoodies, and a clean-white Nike cap that has a lipstick mark at the front.

With Drake first displaying and sporting the pink bomber in his highly successful single ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’ music video, the collection appears to be quite a vibrant drop in what feels to be a dark close to 2020.

While his new album isn’t expected to drop until January 2021, the early release of his merchandise is sure to keep fans anticipating more in the coming months.

Drake Certified Lover Boy Nike merch

Drake Certified Lover Boy Nike merch

Drake Certified Lover Boy Nike merch

Drake x Nike Collaborations

Although Drake and Nike have officially partnered up to bring avid streetwear enthusiasts lining up for more, the Certified Lover Boy collaboration is not the first between the successful artist and mega-conglomerate.In fact, for several years now, Drake has had several sneaker collaborations with the brand, dropping countless silhouettes along the way.

Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Raptors – Drake Signature’

The Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Raptors – Drake Signature’ is the last hype drop that the world saw, released in June 2019. Featuring the defining colourway of the basketball team, the Raptors (home to Toronto), the Drake signature version comes with a patch on the tongue, with a purple Jumpman logo and Drake’s signature below in red. The sneaker comes with an upper of black nubuck leather and overall serves as a sturdy silhouette, perfect for playing a game of basketball.

October’s Very Own x Air Jordan 8 Retro ‘White / Black’

In celebration of the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, Drake released yet another collaboration with Nike, dropping the Air Jordan 8 Retro in both White and Black colourways. With a OVO signature own tag at the rear heel,  the sneaker is made of white tumbled leather, with metallic gold details and a camo paint strokes throughout the midfoot.

October’s Very Own x Air Jordan 10 Retro ‘White / Black’

Released in a black and white colourway, the Air Jordan 10 ‘OVO’ sneaker is a classic that was released back in 2016. The sneakers come in a black or white leather upper and have a unique stingray design detailing the mudguard and ankle. As a limited release, the sneaker can be hard to come across and was one of the first collaborations between Drake’s OVO brand and Nike.

October’s Very Own x Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘White / Black’

The rare OVO Air Jordan 12 ‘OVO’ drop was another successful release made between the artist and Nike. Dazzling the world with its white and gold colourway, the shoe also comes in a black version. Ready for Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ concert tour, the original white and gold silhouette was sold out in record speed due to the high anticipation of the shoe. Highlighted with stingray leather on the mudguard, as well as premium tumbled leather along the upper, the shoe is an added favourite for many sneaker fans.

Air Jordan 3 ‘Drake vs Lil Wayne’

Released for the Drake vs Lil Wayne concert tour that the two artists had in 2014, the Air Jordan 3 ‘Drake vs Lil’ Wayne’ drop come in two different colourways, both black and white. Both silhouettes come in a monochromatic upper, with red and yellow tints along the lining, laces, and Air Jordan logo.



Air Jordan 3 ‘Drake vs Lil Wayne’

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