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How to Store Your Sneakers Properly

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Sure, buying sneakers online is easy. You pay, you wait, and receive. Yet, once we have a pair of authentic, beautiful sneakers, the question is what we do to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. There are plenty of ways someone can take care of their sneakers, but one of the best ways is to know how to store them properly, especially when on a budget. 

Whether you’re a collector or someone just wanting to keep them for resale later down the road, protect your assets by making sure you keep your sneakers clean, in-shape, and pristine. The following tips are ways we at Novelship recommend how to store your sneakers properly.

Storing Your Sneakers the Right Way

To make sure your sneakers are protected, these are the three major things you need. Shop for the following:

  • Plastic Box 
  • Shot Glass
  • Silica Gel


When it comes to plastic storage boxes, for those on a budget, you can easily cop a container at IKEA. These days, with the craze of streetwear, they are likely to have all sorts of items that will help to contain sneakers or other streetwear. IKEA’s SAMLA container measuring 39x28x14 cm comes with a lid and is only USD$5.


Silica gel is an amorphous and porous form of silicon dioxide. It is an affordable, effective way to remove moisture and prevent molding. This will help you keep said sneakers dry and ensure it remains fresh throughout the ages. 



An easy way to keep a pile of silica gel encased inside your container is to put it inside a shot glass. 


If you leave the shot glass full of silica gel inside the container, it can keep the inside moisture-free, which will prevent mold growth. Another plus to using these plastic containers is that, oftentimes, they are stackable, meaning they can be placed on top of one another easily. Make sure to keep your shoes and containers away from heat or direct sunlight, as this can help your shoe to last even longer. 


Overtime, moisture will cause the silica gel to change colour. Take note of the colour below, as that is how it will look once all the gels have absorbed it all. If this happens, place them in the microwave to reset the gels back to their normal state or simply replace them with fresh ones.


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