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The Most Popular Balenciaga Sneakers

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Balenciaga has long been synonymous with haute couture and perfecting garments for the female silhouette, revolutionizing women’s fashion in the mid-20th century. However, in recent years the luxury Spanish fashion house has been dominating the sneaker and streetwear space with their contemporary designs. 

When you think  ‘Balenciaga’, the last thing that may come to mind is hoodies, joggers, and sneakers. Instead, you often think of luxury high-end fashion that is seen on the runways. 

Yet in recent years, with streetwear blowing up across the globe, this high-end fashion house image of Balencia has changed, with its entry into the streetwear space. 


How Balenciaga Became So Popular in Streetwear

Balenciaga has been one of the frontrunners in the sneaker and streetwear landscape for a few years now. They made their breakthrough with  the Triple S silhouette, which donned the aesthetic of a ‘dad shoe.’ The success of Balenciaga sneakers can be seen in the 2019 Kering Report, which indicates that shoes brought in 31% of the revenue for the fashion house. The willingness to change and innovate is what has helped the brand stand out amongst its fellow peers in the luxury brand space. 

With an understanding and acceptance of an aesthetic geared toward millennials, Balenciaga tapped into the market with high quality, contemporary designed sneakers with a clean, simple signature logo to show off. Through the efforts of Supreme and other big brands, Balenciaga acted on the expression of individuality and played to the idea of community in the culture,  growing into the success they are today. 

From oversized sweatshirts, ‘dad-shoes’ to sock sneakers, Balenciaga designers have always been on top of streetwear trends. The brand has also made great strides when it comes to representation on the runway, showcasing diverse models with varying body types and skin tones – all in an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic and adapt with the times. 

In this article, we take a look at some of Balenciaga’s most iconic and popular sneaker silhouettes and let you in on where you can get the highly coveted shoes for the best prices.

Balenciaga Triple S Grey Red Blue (2018 Reissue)

Balenciaga’s most popular shoe silhouette comes in a grey, red, and blue colourway. The large midsole and outsole makes this sneaker look like a typical dad shoe. The red midfoot section and blue heel area, contrast against the grey upper and toe box. The laces of the shoe come in red and white, while the midsole and outsole come in an outdoorsy off white colour. The shoe has been intentionally given a messy aesthetic, which some say adds character to its appearance. On the front of the toe box, you can see the size of the shoe on a label, while the Balenciaga logo appears in black. 

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Balenciaga Speed Trainer ‘Black’ 2019 WMNS

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer ‘Black’ 2019 WMNS is a futuristic-looking shoe that comes in a black and white colourway. With a polyamide construction, the shoe comes in a sock-like design where the blacktop is completely knit in one piece. On the lateral side of the shoe, right above the midsole near the front, the Balenciaga logo appears in white, giving it that added sleek appearance. When it comes to the sole of the shoe, it is majorly black in colour with a red solid and translucent design on the heel.

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Balenciaga Speed 2 Trainer Knit ‘Grey’ 

The Balenciaga Speed 2 Trainer Knit ‘Grey’ comes in a one-piece knit design with different shades of grey. The top of the shoe features a sock-like design that is 3D printed and fits comfortably over your feet. Just above the midsole on the lateral side of the shoe, the Balenciaga logo appears in black. The midsole of the shoe comes in a similar grey colour, while the outsole comes in a slightly lighter grey. The shoe is quite unique and seamless as  there are no laces present on the shoe. 

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Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker ‘Burgundy’

Balenciaga’s most popular shoe silhouette comes in burgundy, blue, white, and earthy brown colour blocking. The shoe looks like a typical dad sneaker with a large midsole and outsole. The upper of the shoe is completely Burgundy in colour, while the Balenciaga logo appears right above the midsole near the ankle in white. The laces of the shoe come in red, while the midsole and outsole have a smooth flowing appearance to it, in white, black, and red colourways.

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Balenciaga Triple S Trainer ‘Clear Sole – White Fluo Yellow’ WMNS

This women’s exclusive sneaker comes in a white and fluorescent yellow colour blocking. The laces of the shoe are grey and white, with checkered line patterns visible throughout. The entire upper of the sneaker is white in colour and there is a minimal Balenciaga logo at the midfoot in black. The interesting thing to note about this shoe is the midsole and outsole that comes in a completely translucent fluorescent yellow hue adding a cool element to the sneaker. 

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