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Lucky Colour Guide: What to Wear for Your Zodiac Sign in 2023?

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Happy New Year, sneakheads! 

Are you ready to kick off your new year with a new look?

Your sneakers are what complete your sibei insta-worthy OOTD look.

Here’s the ultimate Huat Huat Color Guide 2023 your feng-shoes master Novelship recommends to choose for sneakers according to your zodiac! 

It is your year this year! So you gotta keep the swag up!

(Please, don’t tell us that you’re wearing your worn out shoes from 2 years ago!)

Bugs bunnies, your lucky sneaker colours are Blue and Pink. Why not get yourself a pair of Blue Dunks like the Low Retro SP ‘Kentucky’ that was also worn by Justin Bieber?

We have to recommend you our Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Pine Green’.

Just look at that shade of green. 10/10 sure your cousins will go green with envy when they see it on your feet.

Or you could also go for our popular ‘University Blue’ Air Jordan which gives off serene vibes. In feng shui, blue encourages calmness and spiritual inclination.

Your lucky colours this year are white and brown 

Some very earthy tones to tell the world how down to earth we oxes are eh?

ZION WILLIAMSON X AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO LOW OG ‘VOODOO’ is definitely the vibe you need to thrive this year!

Green tones for the tigers this year!

Check out our Nike Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ for a unique choice of colour.

Did you know that Green hues in feng Shui reflects the nature with healing effects that are said to eliminate and heal headaches and anxiety?

Seems like a green pair of sneakers for you this year will be very beneficial!

White sneakers are the best and easiest to pair. With almost anything any colour!

Furthermore, white also represents innocence, purity and spirituality in feng shui.

Who doesn’t love some minimalistic aesthetics?

Yessss! Yellow is the blessed colour for all snakes this year.

Stand out in the crowd as not many wear yellow sneakers. Definitely eye-catching!

Personally we feel that the mustard palette would be a unique and interesting choice. So we stan OFF-WHITE X NIKE’s ‘LEMONDADE’ or AIR JORDAN’S ‘POLLEN’!

You’ll definitely be strutting in these red babies for 2023! Just the huat colour for chinese new year.

You can even match it for Valentine’s day, National day and Christmas. What a dope 4 in 1 steal investment! Our top picks will be worth the money.

Orange is definitely a bold choice of colour. Perhaps this is your sign to step away from your usual safe coloured sneakers!

In feng shui, orange symbolises outgoing energy which helps to enhance creativity and motivation.

Novelship recommends some Greatest Of All Time orange designs like Nike Dunk Low ‘Orange Paisley’ for you GOATS. Cop now!

Gold’s your lucky colour this year. Go bananas over these recommendations!

Be like Drake, stand out in these golden sneakers that could just be your lucky charm to attract more “gold” into your life this year!

Stay hyped in the Off White X Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘The Ten’.

White sneakers are the ultimate must-have a without a doubt elevates every look.

Shop our top pick of essential styles for that everyday stylish look.

Red sneakers are the pick for you this year! Get the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Bred toes’ as part of your #OOTD!

In feng shui, the colour red represents good fortune as it is often believed to attract prosperity and is a representation of abundance and wealth.

One of these red sneakers could just be your good luck fortune this year!

Yellow sneakers will be your go to for this year! Yellow hues add the sunshine, happiness and uplifting vibes that we need for our everyday lives.

Wear our top picks and stand out in the crowd.


Now that you know your lucky colours, why don’t you spin and get a special Mystery Ang Pao from Novelship?

New Users can get 3 lucky spins per day and stand a chance to get discounts of up to $38 OFF, 18% OFF or FREE DELIVERY

Novelship wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

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