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How to Pack and Ship Parcels for Novelship

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When it comes to buying and selling sneakers online through platforms like Novelship, users need to be wary of how parcels are processed, as simply sending over a set of sneakers loosely and without much care is not only showing a lack of courtesy to your buyer and seller but is simply not good practice.

Novelship is well-known for its excellent customer service and prides itself on delivering the best in the latest, hottest sneakers and streetwear, at incredible prices. With that being said, it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of packages coming in and out. To deliver on its promise for high-quality shipping and exchange, we have a thorough system in not only verifying the product but processing it through.

Therefore, to ensure that your package is accepted by Novelship’s standards, it’s important to learn how to pack and ship your parcel correctly.


Packing Your Parcel


While a lot of people think that simply putting in shoes in a packaging box and sending it over will do the job, there is more to delivering a good product than that. Novelship makes sure that both buyers and sellers are receiving exactly what they want, in the highest-quality that they can get it. Therefore, to protect sellers in the event of any damage to the shipping box, we advise you to take photos of your shipping box before handing it over to the courier. That way, we are able to refer to the original condition of the shipping box when a dispute occurs. Beyond that, we suggest following the four simple steps to ensuring proper packaging of your item:

  • Print out the Order Invoice and place it in the sneaker box before packing the product.
  • Print out the Shipping Label and paste it on the parcel for collection or drop off.


  • Double box the product and keep the packing box within 85 CM (L+B+H) cumulative dimension.
  • Refer to our Packaging Requirement for more information.

Shipping Your Sale

When it comes to shipping your sneakers off for a sale, we have different guidelines depending on what country you are sending it from. However, regardless of where you are shipping your parcel from, all users should adhere to the following best practices of things they should NOT do to have their item approved by Novelship:


  1. Do not tape your shoebox
  2. Do not ship your sneakers without a shipping box
  3. Do not use a rope of any kind to secure your shipment
  4. Do not staple labels or invoices on the sneaker box or shipping box
  5. Do not use a replacement sneaker box if your sneaker box is damaged as we do not accept products that do not come in its original box

For more specific information on how to ship your parcel correctly based on your country, check the country-specific guidelines below.


Pass Novelship’s Quality Check Test

Whether it’s adding new items to our selection or receiving a sale from a user, every sneaker goes through a rigorous, thorough quality-assurance process to verify the legitimacy of the sneaker, as well as ensure everything is in order. Novelship prides itself on the authentication process of every sneaker, examining each shipment and document to see if there are any issues.


For any item that is deemed a quality check (QC) failure, Novelship will reject the package and send it back. To get a better understanding of the kind of things we pay attention to and to ensure you are sending over a parcel the right way, read our guide on how to pass Novelship’s quality check test for more information.

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